Strip Time from Date


Removes the time from the date.

var myDate = arguments[0]
return new Date(myDate.getFullYear(), myDate.getMonth(), myDate.getDate());

Difference between date/time rounded up

Takes in a start and end date and calculates the difference between the time. Them rounds up to a specified interval (15 minutes in this example) and outputs as hours.

URL Encode a String

escape(" with a space.html?param1=value 1"); 

==> http%3A//

Date Parse

Author: Bob Cusick, Servoy USA 

Handles parsing of  dates for easier user date entry.

Dates: Get the day of the week for a specified date/week

You can pass in a date, and a day of week, and this function will return back the date in that week, for that day of week.

Working with Objects

//create a new Object 
var myObject = new Object()
//add properties to the element 
myObject.myProperty = "something" 
//make it multi-dimensional by addition additional properties
myObject.secondObject = new Object() 
//add more stuff 
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