Play Media File

Play an audo or movie file in the default play on Windows or Mac.

Get a Value List of all Servoy Users

Creates a value list where the display value is the User Name, and the store value is the UserUID.

Writing the contents of the media library out to a file

Source: Patrick Ruhsert, Dr. Maison & Partner GmbH


var vImage = plugins.http.getMediaData('media:///test.png'); 
plugins.file.writeFile('D:\\test.png', vImage);

Get the File Size of Data Stored in a Media Field

Allows you to get the files size of data stored in a media/blob column without writing to disc.

Make a call from Skype

Source: Harjo Kompagnie, Direct ICT

How to access user properties on the Runtime

Using application.getUserProperty and application.setUserProperty don't work with Runtimes, but sometimes you need that type of functionality, so here is how you implement it.  These functions will create and store the properties in a new runtimes.properties file. These functions also uses a Global variable named globals.g_util_runtimeProperties that should be of type MEDIA.

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